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Hispanic Children and Families Fund
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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  We invite you to see the videos of the projects we help and assist.

We are proud to be associated with in-country local charitable organizations who are an inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with them because of the caring compassion they have demonstrated to the people they serve and the social programs they direct.


Barranquilla, Colombia

We support the following programs in Barranquilla, Colombia, through the Ministros de los Enfermos-Religiosos Camilos (MERC), a Camillian community.  This charitable institution is the primary source of education, health and a variety of human resource programs; also the spiritual and emotional strength of the people in the southwest area of the city.  The Camillian presence in Colombia is extended to Bogotá, Medellin and Cali.

  • Centro de Salud San Camilo (Saint Camillus Health Center):  Provides annually over 75,000 health care consultations to low income people.
  • Centro de Rehabilitación San Camilo (Rehabilitation Center Saint Camillus):  Serves the overall health care needs of 220 low income children with various disabilities. In addition they provide classes in woodcarving, baking, dressmaking, textile crafts, and office skills for youngsters with mild disabilities to empower them for the work force.
  • Hogar San Camilo Center (St Camillus Nursing Home):  Provides free room and board, comprehensive overall health and spiritual care to 50+ indigent elders in a nursing home.  This center also hosts the Solidarity Club which provides recreation, arts and crafts, and lunch for more than 100 seniors who visit the center daily.
  • Public Library:  The public Library of Peace, the first and only public library with several educational programs in this low income region.
  • Education:  A network of schools (elementary, secondary, and technical education), organized in the Southwest Educational Network of Barranquilla to provide education for the whole area.
  • Micro Enterprise:  A loan program initiated to assist low-income families in starting small businesses.
  • Stadium-Gym:  A recreational park and sports center for the youth is currently under construction and will be located in a low income region of the southwest of Barranquilla.
  • Refugee Aid:  All kind of humanitarian aid for the displaced people who have arrived in Barranquilla fleeing the guerilla wars.



Learn more about the programs of the Religiosos Camilos by clicking at: and

Santa Marta, La Gloria, Barranquilla, Cartagena and rural areas of Colombia

We support the mission of the Biblioburro Traveling Library and its outreach educational and literacy programs to low income children in remote areas of the savannas of northern Colombia.  It is our goal and the goal of our partner to continue promoting literacy to children so they can acquire knowledge, confidence and contribute to the betterment of society, thus creating citizens with strong values and with an independent capacity for reasoning and discernment.  It is our mutual objective to continue providing children with materials that will inspire them to read, expand their minds, and develop a strong love for reading in order to become independent thinkers, effective communicators and lifelong learners.  Actually, the "Biblioburro" program has presence in the several cities and towns of the Departments of Magdalena and el Cesar, with plans to expand to Barranquilla, Cartagena and possibly to other rural areas within Colombia.  The story of the “Biblioburro” has been an inspiration worldwide.



Agua de Dios, Bogotá, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Contratación, Sibaté and other regions in Colombia

We support the following programs in various regions of Colombia through the Institutes of the Hijas de los Sagrados Corazones de Jesús y María (HH.SS.CC.) headquartered in Bogotá and the Hijas de Maria Auxiliadora (HMA) headquartered in Barranquilla; both Salesian communities.  These charitable institutions are the primary sources of education, and the spiritual and emotional strength of the people in the areas they serve.  Their assistance includes but is not limited to education, alleviating hunger, teaching of trade skills, social justice and overall health services including patients affected with leprosy.  The Salesian community has presence in almost the entire country with schools and a variety of different social programs.

  • Orphanages, Oratorios Festivos, and Trade Schools for Youngsters:  Educational and living facilities that house the children of leprosy patients and/or children of displaced families living in abject poverty, and children victims of abuse and family violence, etc.  At these facilities they receive academic and technical education.  Through the teaching of job skills, poor youngsters are able to earn a decent living while contributing to the betterment of their own communities.  Some skilled trades commonly taught are dressmaking, die-making, hairdressing, baking, beautician, computer and office skills.  The Oratorios Festivos are a tradition that dates back to the Salesian community foundation and are part of the social humanitarian network of this congregation all over the world.
  • Solidarity with all people affected with leprosy in Colombia:  Health services provided with tender loving care to leprosy patients by restoring their dignity, helping them to cure their sores, their solitude and their pain by giving them the emotional and spiritual support they need.  The Salesian presence at leprosy regions in Colombia dates back to the colonial period.  The community of the HH.SS.CC was founded in Agua de Dios in 1905, its main objective and mission is to take physical and spiritual care of patients affected with leprosy.  Although there are leprosy patients in various areas of the country, the leprosy sanatoriums are located in Cartagena (Bolivar), Contratación (South Santander) and Agua de Dios (Cundinamarca).
  • Family Microenterprise Initiative:  Training of poor women (mothers head of the family), in different trades such as dressmaking, baking, cooking, hairdressing, beautician and managerial skills to give them the impulse and skills to start their own business and fight poverty for a better future for themselves, their children and the community.
  • Literacy Program for Adults:  Teaching poor adults the gift of reading through special adult classes.
  • Neighborhood Health Center: Medical and dental care for indigent and low income children and families.
Students    Children

Elderly    elderly

San Salvador, El Salvador

We support children's education through the organization UNBOUND.

Cuenca, Ecuador

We support the following program through the Fundación Jardín El Cajas.  This charitable institution is one of the few organizations that provide rehabilitation, emotional support, counseling and a home environment for street children with addiction problems, such as snoring gasoline rags and glue used for fixing shoes. These run away and abandoned children are targets for predators and drug lords that enslave them for the drug trade, among other social ills. This institution also provides meals, groceries and clothing for families in need. 

  • Home away from Home Guardian of the Faith (Casa Hogar Guardiana de la Fé - Fundación Jardín El Cajas):  Temporary home for rehabilitation of 16 children and youngsters on average.

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