Deus caritas est, inclina aurem cordis tui - God is love, incline the ear of thy heart.

Hispanic Children and Families Fund
also known as Humanitarian Universal Connexions Inc.


Muchas GraciasOur organization was created to provide assistance to needy children and families in developing countries who otherwise have little expectation of survival by living in abject poverty and with perpetual denial of opportunities by their social environment and civil authorities.

We support programs in education, literacy, health, food security, nutrition, microenterprise, human development, housing, green initiatives, environment, peace and emergency relief aid.  These programs are implemented by our partner’s in-country sister organizations which work to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable people of the region. We unite our efforts with those local in-country sister organizations by making use of their potential and strength in their communities to deliver our support and assistance in a cost effective way.

Our organization is a very small organization but with a big heart and many friendly helping hands. We believe in a broad prosperity that can come when needy people feel they have recovered their hope and dignity as human beings. We hope to be a beacon of light in their moment of despair.

Our goals are to improve the health, economic, educational and social conditions of the men, women and children we serve. Our objective is to touch as many people with compassionate hearts as we can possibly reach, and unite their charitable hands to support our social programs for indigent children and families in a Latin America country.  Our ambition is to build an army of caring individuals that will use their talents, time or treasure to offer a change for a better tomorrow, using the arms of the heart: love, faith and hope.

We are currently working in Colombia, Ecuador, and El Salvador by lending our helping hand to different projects located in various cities, towns and neighborhoods. As we grow, our outreach program will be extended to other Latin American countries.

We acknowledge the generosity, kindness and the time and effort of everyone who has contributed to our mission since its inception.

Let's unite to combat poverty and its consequences.

Our charity is recognized by the following organizations and government campaigns:

Combined Federal Campaign

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