Deus caritas est, inclina aurem cordis tui - God is love, incline the ear of thy heart.

Hispanic Children and Families Fund
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Host a Solidarity Dinner Party

Solidarity Dinner Nights (SOLDIN)  began as a desire to unite Hispanics and their friends around the world to participate to improve the lives of their fellow brothers and sisters.  Hosting a solidarity party is an opportunity to come together on a single night, enjoy a meal and participate in helping a poor family.

A SOLDIN activity can include any kind of gathering: a cocktail party, barbeque, wine tasting, tea party, luncheon, pool party, formal dinner, birthday parties, etc. 

A simple concept - gathering with friends and family and building a global community - to support a common cause.  We hope that SOLDIN will energize thousands of caring Hispanics people.  Several SOLDIN gatherings have been held to raise funds and empower poor families since its first launch in February 2006, in Tallahassee, Florida.

As President Kennedy once said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.  We should ask ourselves:  What are we doing for our home country?  Each one of us can make a difference; it is a connection of souls and helping hands building a better world.  Collectively, our efforts can begin to transform one child, one family, one country at the time.

You can make a difference!  Please plan a gathering with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues in their homes or yours, in restaurants, community centers, churches, or other venues to enjoy a meal and raise urgently needed funds to provide a sustainable means of support for a poor family. 

It’s fun, creative, and meaningful

As a host, you organize the meal and invite the guests.  Create your own favorite dishes, choose from family traditions or regional recipes, or just keep it simple and order pizza.  Instead of bringing wine, flowers, any other present or dessert, each of your guests can make a donation to help support a poor family.  Donations can range from $10 dollars and more; it is up to each individual generosity. 

Each host is the architect of his/her own party.  The host will send its own invitations or call or e-mail; organize the party and send the donations collected back to his/her chosen charitable organization in his/her country of origen.  Each host shall be aware and knowledgeable of the fund raising laws of the country where he/she resides.

SOLDIN gives Hispanics and their friends everywhere an opportunity to make an impact and set an energizing example of hope and solidarity.  Join this global compassionate community effort and take a step towards making a difference.  

Let’s open our hearts and lend our hands to our brothers and sisters in need.

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